Monday, March 01, 2010

Nancy Drew Swap Time

2nd Annual Nancy Drew Swap

Sign-up date: March 8, 2010
Swap date: April 16, 2010

Choose a Nancy Drew mystery to theme your package around and with a budget of $15 send your partner a wonderful girl sleuth inspired swap package!

Lori and I were partners in last year's swap and it was SO FUN! I love getting fun packages in the mail and she put together a doozy of a box (read about it HERE and HERE). Join us, won't you??

(favs from last swap:  Lori made me this clipboard; I made her this purse)

1 comment: said...

Nnnnnnancy Drew! Yes! I'm stuttering! You have no IDEA how much I love Nancy. I have every one of the Nancy Drew books that I TREASURED in childhood and kept. They have their own special cabinet of honor. :)
You popped over to my blog and mentioned reading Sense and Sensibility. I'd love to. My actual email is Love your blog!


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