Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Week 9

Well my blog has turned into a bunch of random posts and menu planning! I will get back to crafting and writing about it some day soon. Life's just gotten busy for a time ...

We're right in the middle of Girl Scout cookie sales (anyone need Tagalongs?) and I volunteered to be the cookie mom for T's new troop. It's a lot of work and much harder when you don't have a relationship with the other moms. I've been challenged by people who don't answer emails and don't keep the deadlines to order, pick up, don't show up at sales. I'm SO not looking forward to collecting all the money by the March 15 deadline. This has NOT been a fun job, and one I don't plan on repeating. Our last booth sale is March 14 - hopefully my current cookie orders will arrive by then!

Then, at Christmas, I volunteered to help out at our Women's Retreat. Several years ago when my husband was out of work, I went to retreat on a scholarship and really wanted to give back to my church. I had no idea that retreat would fall right in the middle of cookie sales (or suppressed the truth to protect myself). The job I was assigned is Refreshment Coordinator. Sounds easy enough, since several meals are provided by the conference center and I just do "snacks" - that sounds light and easy.  And, I think it would be if I didn't work full time AND have cookies dancing in my head every night ... so now I have "snacks" and cookies dancing in my head every night. High calorie dreams, to say the least. I wouldn't be surprised if I gain a bunch of weight by the end of this weekend's retreat!  Truly, I'm being covered in prayer and feel much calmer than I probably should since I have to leave Friday AM and have LOTS left to do.  It will work out the way it's supposed to, and MANY ladies will be blessed through our great speaker and worship leader.  Who cares if we didn't have kettle corn, were short soda pop and the table decorations aren't perfect?

Of course, a lot ofl my tension could be related to it being my TOM and starting back on SparkPeople with a Spring Biggest Loser Challenge. I lost about 20 pounds last year with SparkPeople and gained back about half. So, once again I'm exercising and make better food choices. I wouldn't say I'm dieting yet - several slices of sourdough bread for lunch aren't exactly diet-worthy but it was yummy. And yes, I am a big time stress eater.

Enough of that, here's this week's menu (FULL of meals from my supper swapping group, the Chill MAMAs**):

Monday - Asian Steaks** with hashbrowns
Tuesday - Cheesy Chicken Bundles**
Wednesday - CP Taco Soup**
Thursday - takeout Chinese (shopping and packing for retreat, too)
Friday - @ retreat - Mike will order in pizza, I know
Saturday - @ retreat, snacking - Mike & T will enjoy Party Enchiladas**
Sunday - No-peek Beef Stew (I use a can of campbells tomato soup inside, too )

Monday and Saturday's recipes are from Fix, Freeze, Feast: Prepare in Bulk and Enjoy by the Serving - More than 125 Recipes

POP on over to OrgJunkie for MORE great menu ideas!!

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