Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Cowboy Boot Purse "Tutorial"

So, I'm FINALLY posting my pictures on how I made my cowboy boot purse. REALLY simple, actually, so this isn't a true tutorial.
June 10 018

The only specialty tool I purchased was a leather needle for my sewing machine -- my basic, 30-yo sewing machine that doesn't have any fancy stitches. I used plain ol' Guterman thread.

You need:
Leather Machine Needle
Pair of Cowboy Boots (those with personal memories are best)
Magnetic Purse Snap
Decorative Trims
Lining fabric (optional)

I bought a pair of ladies cowboy boots off of Craigslist for $20. I really wish I still had my Daddy's boots - those would have made such a special purse. I'm checking storage one more time just in case.

Here's the most heart-wrenching part of the whole project - actually cutting the boots. I cut straight down the back of each boot and then around the foot. (This picture is from a different purse but same technique - mutilation.)

Look at those poor boots now. Those little pieces are all that I didn't use.

I did a little trim to get even rectangles, and laid the boots right sides together. Then, I attached my leather needle, lengthened my stitches and started sewing very slowly.

I did a double row of stitches to keep thing secure, especially at the corners, then very carefully turned the bag right side out. These are nicely made boots and the inside is quite finished looking so I didn't line it but might next time.

I bought a little conch trim from Fabric Depot at one of their 40% off sales and sewed it on the back and attached to the front with magnetic purse snaps. Voila! A cowboy boot purse!!
June 10 018

Here's the one I made from a pair of kids' red cowboy boots. The vinyl boots cut like butter. Inside I lined it with a simple western fabric and used Alene's Craft Glue to stick in the lining. The fancy "buckle" was a decorative strap that wrapped the ankle of the boots, sewn on one side and a magnetic snap on the front.
Cowboy boot purse 13Cowboy boot purse 12

I made one other purse that I attached a pair of purse handles to the pull straps on top- that was tricky because of the clasp on the handles but I'll figure out a better way.


I think a few more purses are in my future. What a beautiful way to keep a pair of boots long after they're worn out. I found a pair of men's boots at Desert Industries for only $6! I think this new purse will need some beaded trim, don't you??

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Kim -today's creative blog said...

UM......I'm speechless. That is amazing. Thanks for linking!

Creative Mind said...

its really smart effort..you turned it out cute...

Yarni Gras! said...

Happy New Year! Love the boot tutorial....love the bucket list on your sidebar too!

Shelley (@momma_oz) said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this tutorial and am going to start scrounging Goodwill and Craig's List for a pair of boots because I WANT ONE TOO!!! Thank you so very much!


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