Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

So, today is another fresh start, a chance to make this year a special one. Lots of things come to mind on New Years.

Right now, T and I are working around the house working on some organization. I found some things on clearance for my sweetie and her room is taking on a new look, a bit more grown up for this almost-12yo and I can actually see the floor again! She really likes her new fuzzy zebra print sheets (she is her mother's daughter), new floral comforter/duvet cover along with a white floor lamp from Ikea, and zebra laundry hamper from Ross. I also have a craft idea to try - we found some zebra drawer-liner paper and I think I'm going to modge podge it to the top of her old dresser. We even bought this nice set of lighted branches and a huge vase at Home Goods that look great. I also found the cutest polka dot casserole dish there, but mine doesn't sit flat so it looks I'll be making my first return of the year, too.

I'm also spending some time pondering the year. My "Word of the Year" last year was FAITH, and I haven't found my word yet for this year but will share it when I do. I use a great tool I found online to help me journal and decide on my word.

There will be a few blogging changes....
  • I will try to be more consistent, and continue to work with brands through One to One Network and MomDot
  • I am (of course) working on my weight and regular exercise again, so you can follow my trials there (joy oh joy for the reader, I know) - Abby at A Feathered Nest is hosting a weight loss challenge again so I'm now on board and hope to lose the most weight of the participants by April 1 (there's some money on the line as an incentive, too)
  • I need to publish a few more in-depth reviews of books I've received, and am excited to start a new bible study
  • Crafting is still high my list of fun, both sewing aprons and crocheting. I can't wait to work up some more of Twinkie Chan's fun projects
  • Speaking of aprons, I am very excited to share that I will taking over the Apronista from my friend Deanna and trying to work out how to blend that great site with my apron swap site
  • I still have my Supper Swap group once a month and REALLY want to add a mother-daughter book club - it may end up as a virtual club since I haven't found other moms/daughters with similar tastes in books
  • Add in working full time and selling Thirty-One products, being a wife, keeping house, mothering my daughter and her three young-adult siblings, along with raising a huge Great Dane/Mastiff young dog, and I've got a full life to share, that's for sure
Well, enough rambling. I still have a lot to finish before this first day of the year is over!

Have a wonderful January 1st!



Cindy said... word for you..Wowzza..girl are you looney..I have never seen so many things to balnace.I would gain weight from the stress of it
You do always seem to get it will change my word to Wowzza..wonderwoman!!lol

No really when you get your word I will post it on my sidebar..I am keeping our words there to remind encourage help us thru prayer!!

Take care my friend..I will always be checking in the neighborhood for you.

Hugs and Tx lovin..Cindy from Rick-
Rack and Gingham

micki @ ADD housewife said...

Oh I can't wait for another swap. I love your blog and you make me feel like a total slacker LOL

Yarni Gras! said...

Happy New Year!!!


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