Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Healthy Edge - midway check-in

I am in the midst of a journey with the Healthy Edge.  The basics of the plan include eating every 2.5-3 hours, NOT snacking outside the plan (which is HUGE for me; I'm a mindless grazer), and drinking my 80 ounces of water plus a high-quality supplement.  Really, it is Low Glycemic eating with emphasis on a very clean diet of organic fruits, veggies and meats; raw nuts; low fat dairy; and (sparingly) whole grains. My coach, Rhonda Kay, is the best and encouraging while being patient.

Our plan also has an on-line component with audios and videos that educate and motivate.  PLUS Rhonda and I have met weekly for lunch to touch base.  As we got closer to the holidays, I found myself increasingly overwhelmed with my busy life and not following the plan.  That said, I feel like this has been one of my healthiest holidays ever - I'm very aware of portions and WHAT I'm eating.  So, while we've been on hiatus for December, I'm excited to finish up my final four weeks.

IF YOU have health goals, I encourage you to contact Rhonda Kay - she is the BEST coach ever and you can achieve whatever your heart desires.  The Healthy Edge is also offering a free online seminar TOMORROW with some info, too:

Have you failed to lose weight? Are you often sad or moody? Do you have excess belly fat? Do you feel tired in the afternoon? Do you crave carbohydrates?

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