Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nancy Drew Swap was AMAZING!

I RECEIVED the most amazing package in the Nancy Swap from the swap mama - Lori. Check out her pictures HERE. If I had to choose just one favorite thing, it would be this amazing clipboard --- I've already used it several times!! Umm, hello?? Wouldn't you??

She also sent me so many other goodies -- an ADORABLE handcrafted Nancy Drew charm bracelet with charms from both of our books (and lots of pictures made from recycled Scrabble tiles-- I LOVE Scrabble!), chocolate (yummo), marvelous Mary Engelbreit fabric to make something delicious, a cool metal bookmark that has charms like from the Clue! board game, an official Nancy Drew stationery note AND this amazing ND book with fold-outs, and pictures, and amazing facts about Ms. Drew. My daughter keeps sneaking away from me to read it herself!!

So, I really had to up the ante on my creations. I had been gathering little items that any well prepared detective would keep in her purse or car:

The "big" item in my package is below -- my very-first altered book craft. I about died as I CUT THE BOOK UP to then re-line it, add handles and create a gorgeous purse! Craftier people than I sell these for anywhere from $30 - $150 each, and I can kinda see why -- so time consuming and so many ways to mess up. While I'm no where near professional, I love how this turned out!

Lori, like me, loves cupcakes, so I had to use some cute cupcake fabric in the purse, and then also created a cupcake apron for her kitchen.
And lastly, I purchased the stupendous hand-crafted earrings off of Etsy -- they are Larkspurs and my assigned book was "Password to Larkspur Lane". Aren't they perfect??I hope Lori enjoys her treats as much as I do mine!!!!


Tara said...

Oh it looks like a great package! I enjoyed the swap as well!

Paula said...

Wow. Such a fun swap! I love your book purse! Too cool!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Shawnee! I got my goodies today! Oh my! I love everything! But I absolutely squealed when I saw the book purse!! I LOVE it! I have wanted one SO badly! How did you know???!! I have seen them on etsy for $50... And the apron! PRecious! You are one creative lady and I hope we can swap again someday!

Stop by my blog- I am having a giveaway, Sweets! Lori

Debra said...

I found your blog on CWO and love it! I look forward to visiting again...Smiles


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