Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Week 8

I really do enjoy menu planning. The adventure, the excitement .... the knowledge that even if EVERYTHING else falls apart, there will be hot food in the tummy tonight.  I didn't get to a couple of the meals from last week so you may see a repeat or two.  Here's this week's plan:

Monday, 2/22: Salsa Chicken (carryover from last week)
Tuesday, 2/23: My DD Tara's 24th birthday (but we're not seeing her tonight, she's too busy) Sesame Soy Sirloin and Asparagus
Wednesday, 2/24: Chicken Souvlaki and Rice
Thursday, 2/25: Supper Swap Night CP Roast Beef sandwiches
Friday, 2/26:  Chinese take out
Saturday, 2/27: Crockpot Sloppy Joes
Sunday, 2/28: leftover buffet (aka fridge cleanout)

For lots more menu planning idea, pop on over to!

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