Monday, May 13, 2013

Tatums First Mission

I am sharing a personal request today - our youngest daughter has been chosen to go on her first mission trip to provide relief to Hurricane Sandy victims next month. Would you consider supporting us in this adventure? Prayer support is needed (she's young - just going into high school!), as well as financial support. Tax deductible donations can be made by calling Rolling Hills Community Church/Zoeanne Pilger at 503-638-5900 (reference MEID018-12 for her to get credit). Every dollar helps - she needs to raise $1,150 by 6/5/13.

Thank you so much for letting me post and for your prayer and/or financial support. I can't wait to share pictures of their work if you like. I am shocked by how much is left to be done in Long Island more than six months after the hurricane.  Her team will focus their efforts on demolition of homes that still need to be rebuilt.


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