Monday, April 19, 2010

Nancy Drew Swap Reveal

The lovely Lori hosted her second annual Nancy Drew Swap and she partnered me with Heather.

Heather and I sent little questions back and forth and are SO MUCH alike. So, I know this was going to be good. I was not disappointed. Her box to me is so totally amazing, I can't believe it.

The clock is SO SUPER CREATIVE. Most impressive, and it looks beautiful on my bookshelf, too.

I love how we both chose western themes. She tucked in a bunch of little toy horses that were immediately captured and put into use so I realize they're not in the picture for my blog. I don't know how I had enough willpower that the Reeses DID make it ... I think I opened it up after dinner or something. One flashlight is already in my purse, with the other on standby; the gorgeous RED water bottle is ready for the car; the vase with the ME picks are in my computer armoire to make me smile; the canvases and oil pastels are ready for a special project; and, I cannot WAIT to make applesauce out of someone with my Scrabble Apple game.

I'm sorry if I left out anything. It's just all too perfect.

Here's a link to a couple of items I tucked in her box .... Don't peek, Heather!!

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