Friday, April 09, 2010

Menu Plan --

Well, I'm trying to NOT miss this week even though I didn't post on Monday --- Here's what we've been up to:

Monday - Nacho Night
Tuesday - Corned Beef, cabbage and baked potatoes
Wednesday - Chicken Apple Sausages, hash browns and mushrooms
Thursday - Royal Thai Chicken, veggies and rice
Friday - Crockpot Beef Stroganoff with more rice
Saturday - leftover buffet for lunch and off to a friend's house
Sunday - MMmmmm pot roast

T's been sick this week, mostly in reaction to some booster shots I think, so we've spent some catch up on homework time. HOPEFULLY, she'll earn another HOT ticket (homework on time) today. That's a big goal for her.

Oh, and here's a random picture "just because"  .... T and some of the girls from her scout troop at their last cookie sale a few weekends ago.  We DID IT and sold all their remaining boxes.  Getting everyone to turn in their funds was a major nightmare that I won't complete, but we made it through!

Looking forward to a weekend of class, rest and some crafting. How about you?

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The Country Club Kat said...

From one busy lady to another . . Shawnee i want you get a good 10 hour sleep in. Tell your family to get up in the morning and go out without you and to be quiet about it too. I give you permission to have a silent, peaceful morning of sleep.

I work weekends but do get Tuesdays off most times - lol.


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