Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekends Go So Fast!

How in the world do the two days in the weekend just FLY by? Work never seems to go this fast. Hmmm.

I'm sitting here with Super Bowl halftime playing in the background. T and I just got back from antiquing. She just HAD to have a quill pen from our local antique town and has been asking for weeks to go. So, when do we go ... today when I have a million things to do and finish. But I only have one little girl still at home, and she wants the pen for her birthday party Friday night so this was our last chance. God is always so good on our little trips. I told her I would only spend $5 ("What! We'll never get anything!"). We went to four antique shops, one a huge "mall" that had over 24 vendors, and it was not looking good - absolutely no pens of any type and most everything was pretty overpriced. Then I hit my shopping wall, getting tired and low blood sugar ... at the last shop, unexpectedly, he had three pens locked away. One was $20, one was $15 and one was $5 but it didn't have the nib. The gentlemen did have nibs for $1 a piece, but he actually gave her two nibs FOR FREE because he was impressed she wanted to write with a real pen.  So, T got her wish.

Now, I'm sitting here instead of getting to work, just cause I'm tired.  My puppy woke me up at 5:30 am and he went out four times before 7 am with tummy troubles.  Then, I made the mistake of crawling back in the warm bed without setting my alarm and ended up late to church.  I so HATE that.  Right after church, the plan was to buy some necessary items for Friday's party but the Decorette Shop in Tigard was closed.  We went to Michaels crafts but they did not stock the frog candy molds I need for the Harry Potter party.  It looks like I'm gonna have to order online and pray for a quick delivery; why didn't I do this a couple of weeks ago??  I don't have time for this party; it's just that her birthday is so close to Christmas that I couldn't pull off a big party in January this year.  Of course, her big night of fun is the night before I have 1350 boxes of Girl Scout cookies stored in my dining room.  And three weeks before I coordinate the snacks for and attend Women's Retreat.

Plus, I'm late with my Hot Mama Apron - it's half done on my temporary sewing table - and my Martini apron hasn't been cut out yet and I'M hosting!  Yikes!!  I have the most scrumptious fabric and all the my add-ins, I just need time to sew. 

I have received some wonderful packages lately -- my own Hot Mama Apron arrived along with homemade meringue cookies and a red apple slicer.  I also got my Martini swap package from Edy, who spoiled me like nobody's business and I now own the cutest martini glass.  I'll add some pictures as soon as I can.

Well, enough typing .... sewing and dinner time calls!  Monday will be here before I know it.

PS - Oh, when you get a chance, check our my food site, Thyme for Fun.  I don't have much on it but I'm testing a tool for Recipe KeyRecipe Key is a nifty website where you enter what you have in your pantry/fridge/freezer and the site recommends recipes based on what you have on hand.  Gotta love that!


The Country Club Kat said...

I feel your pain - lol
Thanks for the Recipe Key link

Teresa said...

Hey Shawnee, Good luck with the party on friday. I had a Harry potter party a few year ago for my was a hoot. We did a scavenger hunt for the sorcers stone..the prize was a gummy rat. We ate eye balls(donut holes covered in frosting with a gummy life saver and red mini m&m. We also had the girls dress up. Pictures turned out great. They all still talk about it. Have fun

Paula said...

Hi Shawnee~ I so agree with you. Weekends go by much to fast and workdays much to slow. I really think it should be swapped. Someone got it wrong many many years ago and we should really only be working 2 days and resting 5, with the same pay of course, if not more!


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