Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Week 3

We are only into week three of the new year, but next week is SUPER BUSY for me. I have a commitment every night, Monday through Thursday. So, a menu is ESSENTIAL or we'd be wasting time, money, and calories doing the drive-thru boogie.

Monday (T's puppet ministry night) - Turkey Pot Pie using leftover turkey
Tuesday (Girl Scouts cookie meeting AND PTA) - Sloppy Joe Casserole with zucchini
Wednesday (Womens Retreat Planning) - Crockpot Sweet/Sour Meatballs over brown rice
Thursday (Girl Scout lock-in planning mtg) - Lasagna with green salad
Friday (at HOME!) - Homemade Pizza, half pepperoni/half Hawaiian
Saturday - Crockpot Asian Peanut Butter Pork Tenderloin
Sunday - simple supper Sunday

I'm thankful to have tomorrow off of work for MLK day, so will prep all the meals for Monday through Thursday night so I just have to take one from the refrigerator/freezer every night and bake or pop in the crockpot in the morning before work. The prep won't take me very long and will be such a HUGE help.

So, if you think menu planning might help YOU, head on over to for more menu ideas!

PS - TODAY (1/17) would have been my mommy's 87th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom - I love you!!

PPS - Has anyone ever planned refreshments for a retreat? We'll be going to a retreat center in early March that provides meals but I think snacks, etc. will be my responsibility. I'll know more on Wed night but would LOVE to hear your suggestions and experiences.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the great recipe links!! Your menu sounds yummy:)

I'm following your blog...hope you can come check mine out too.

shopannies said...

thanks for the recipe links many of which my teens will love

how great it is to remember your mothers birthday she must have been very special to you

Rannyjean said...

Snacks like chex mix,things without nuts since that seems to be a huge allergy problem lately. Bowls of m&m's, hershey kisses, veggie and fruit trays, crackers, so many ideas!

Sharon said...

Great menu! I'm bookmarking that sloppy joe casserole-thanks for the link!

Happy Birthday to your mom. How sweet to remember her. :)

Refreshments...yeah, fruit kabobs are always a hit around here. Have them served alongside some cheese squares and wheat thins or cracker. Pretty good.
Also, the mini bagels w/ cream cheese spread available is a good one.

Good Luck!


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