Friday, January 23, 2009

Jenn-Air Love??

Help me out here, I'm looking for ANYONE who has a Jenn-Air range/stove. Do you love it??

We live in a vintage farmhouse which had a vintage Jenn-Air oven that short-circuited out. It ruined my very expensive rice cooker, too, since I was dumb enough to have it on a burner I wasn't using (no countertops, ya know?) and then THAT burner misfired and -poof!- no more rice cooker. So, all through the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, we've been cooking and entertaining with only one burner and an oven that had an unpredictable element: too hot one time, not hot enough the next. My poor family and nursery workers! Plus, I didn't really know how to use the appliance properly and only tried convection two times. Fine results, but nothing to write home about.


So, imagine my surprise when the new range arrives and it's another Jenn-Air! I know this things are so expensive and it really seems to be overkill. I do like that this oven is bigger than a postage stamp so I can actually bake. I'm kinda down over the fact that I still will only have two burners since our landlord ordered one with a built-in grill. I'm trying to pump myself up, since we do a lot of sauteeing and grilling our meats anyway so who really needs four burners, right? And I could learn how to use the convection, I suppose. Is it great??


What do I need to know? I'd love some testimonials to encourage me! Thanks gals!!


Mona said...

Unfortunately, I have no experience with the Jenn-aire. But I've heard they are suppose to be wonderful!!

Lorrie said...

I have a Jennaire and like it. I also have the grill, but I can inter-change from the grill to burners. Are you sure it's built in? Also, you need to check the temperature in the oven, I had to adjust mine so that it heated to the right temperature. Mine came with the owners manual to do this. I've used the convection oven a few times, you need to adjust the temperature differently from what you would set it at for regular baking, I think something like 25 degrees less. The owners manual tells you all of this. Also, it depends on if you use metal or glass for baking as to the temperature.

Ami said...

I have a Jen air cooktop and a Jen Air double oven. They've been pretty good since we've had then about 2 1/2 years. We did have to replace the element on one of the ovens, but that was an easy fix. (It would have been even easier if my (wonderful) husband hadn't accidentally smashed the glass front while doing it. Luckily, the parts are easy to order, and cheaper than I thought they would be.)


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