Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sewing Expo Anyone??

Calling all Northwest Sewers -- Are you going to attend the 25th Anniversary Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup February 26 through March 1?? My beloved MIL Karen has taken me several times and asked again this year. I'm trying to figure out if we can make it work; I think my DD is old enough at 10, don't you? She's very interested in sewing, too.

I still remember one of our trips vividly -- we waited to try and make hotel reservations until TOO LATE and we were in the scariest little no-tell motel you ever saw. I don't think we took off our shoes!!

These are always great memories and I learn something new every trip. Hope you can make it!


Le Core Femme said...

Hiya sweetie!
Sounds like a blast! Wish I were attending.

Wanted to let you know that I am have a blogiversary giveaway! It's a yummilicious apron. :)
I wasn't able to make it to this months apron swap, but please feel free to let everyone else know about it to. The more the merrier! :)

Hope to see you there!

Big Huggs,

NadineC said...

Shawnee - let me know if you are going! Maybe we can meet up there at the Expo. I live in Olympia, WA so it's just a hop-skip-and-jump up to Puyallup for me. I've already taken time off work to go.

Tulsi said...

This sounds fun. And as I always say when things aren't exactally as I have planned - I've ventured into shady to me motel once - ewww, at least you have a great blog story to tell!! Nice visual.

Teresa said...

OH MY GOODNES! You so have to take your DD. My daughter and I have been going for years (since she was 9). I pull her out of school now and we spend two days at the expo taking classes and shoppping for projects. You have to email me if you go so we can all hook up. We already have our class tickets and can't wait. Hope to see you there.
Teresa and Liz


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