Thursday, November 06, 2008

Many Thanks ... long post, image heavy

I have neglected to post several photos, so please bear with me:

Look at what was tucked into a TERRIFIC early package in the Polka Dot and Rick Rack Swap. I'M SO SORRY I didn't post this sooner. They've been gracing my fireplace and I love them! There was a fun package of fall trail mix, but no pictures are available. =) Thank you secret partner!!

These swapped packages are from Becca in my Mommy & Me Apron swap. I didn't have the photos of the actual APRONS in my camera like I thought, so watch tomorrow. They are adorable along with handmade pot holders and a great cookbook for Mommy's Helper!
You can see how happy Little T is with this Christmas aprons package from Melinda and daughter, our second partners in the Mommy & Me Apron Swap. We love the Christmas aprons and the funny food cookbook, plus I got a special book just for me and my new w&d!! Look at the terrific packaging, too!

Little T and her best friend on Halloween, just because!
Mike and I went to see Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Live! VERY inspirational. There will be some changes coming in our household, especially in light of the presidential results. We feel the need to become fiscally independent, quick!

Isn't this BOO banner cute? Karen included it in my Polka Dots, Pink Lemonade and Parasols swap package, and it was perfect for my office at work. Here's other goodies she stuffed in my huge package!!

These are the aprons I sent to Becca and her daughter. Little T picked out the materials ... for Super Mom and Super Girl to cook away!!


Melinda Cornish said...

T is adorable in her apron.....I can see it is a little big, but I bet she is still growing! I am glad you like everything...Melinda

Yarni Gras! said...

love all the photos.....Love those cute aprons!

Rainma said...

You go with Dave Ramsey. I have worked on his program for years. Prior to moving to WA, I had everything paid up, money in the bank and was good to go.
Now, I can't find steady work & all of our savings has been depleted.
Not to worry, with Daves plan I am back to putting my emergency cash in the bank and I do save lots of money NOT buying things.
You will have peace of mind!
We are with you on the election thing.


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