Friday, November 07, 2008

Pray for Unity

I am glad all the negative campaigning and election hoopla is over, but I was disappointed with the results. As you know, I was a McCain/Palin supporter and, truth be told, mostly because Sarah Palin's conservative values align with my personal views. I cried during John McCain's concession speech --- THAT was the man I voted for --- and I cried during Barack Obama's acceptance speech, too.

I am torn over the response to his election ... race was NOT a consideration my vote but Obama's race is being heralded repeatedly as a victory for African-Americans. Very confusing, although I do recognize it is a historical fact - it just wasn't a factor at all in my vote.

I do believe this presidential campaign DID have a huge discrimination factor in it, and that was the fact that Americans discriminate against older people. If John McCain had still been young and handsome, would that have made a difference? Who knows. I know that everyone wants "change" so maybe not.

Truly though, I am looking ahead and will fervently pray for the new administration and our country. Congratulations, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I am hopeful for national unity once everyone's shock/euphoria has settled and we have "normal lives" to live. All Americans are counting on you to lead us well.



lauriec said...

1) I love that you said "If John McCain had still been young and handsome" ---he was incredibly good looking as a young man (and I think he has aged well considering the hardship he's had to endure).

2) I think it's great that we finally have a president with African-American heritage. And I think it will be great when we have a woman president, 1st Hispanic, etc. What concerns me is that people voted for him just *because* he's black. To me, that's just as wrong as voting against him because he's black.

3) What was with Michelle Obama's dress? I think she usually dresses well but that thing was a nightmare!

Yarni Gras! said...

Our household is still in shock. I agree that McCain's age was held against him....funny how just 20 years ago, his age wouldn't have been a consideration at all! In fact, it would have been a boost!
I wonder how many people actually went to Obama's WEBSITE and read his PLATFORM.....? We did.......
I also wonder how many people remember that Pres. Clinton passed the bills to lower constraints to buy homes, etc. That put in motion the events that caused the wallstreet problems due to his leniency on credit to buy homes???
I also wonder how many people REALIZED that the Democrats have been running Congress the last 2 years???????????????

KNev said...

I know the disappointment you must feel. So many of us on the other side felt it for so long.

If it's any consolation, my working theory right now is that the parties have flipped. It began with President Reagan, and his deficit spending, expansion of payroll taxes, and bigger government. Not to mention his foreign policy legacy (both covert and overt). In essence, the Republicans started to become the "Democrats."

And then with President Clinton's more measured spending, reformation of Great Society programs, greater reliance on states, more free trade economics (NAFTA), and advocacy for more personal liberty. His policies seemed to show that Democrats becoming more "Republican."

Indeed, Mr. Bush's legacy--the largest expansion of Great Society programs since Johnson; massive, liberal federal spending on liberal foreign policy; and HUGE, more centralized federal government; federalists appointed to the bench; restrictions on personal liberty--all continues to support my theory.

All that to say, I think political historians will not look at what is happening now in the same way we might. Obviously, what President-elect Obama does will contribute to my developing theory. But things are shifting and it is a perfect time for unity, introspection, and discernment. Take heart, my friend!

jan said...

I voted for McCain also and was also disappointed. I do pray that Barack Obama will be good for our country. It really doesn't matter the party as long as they do what is right for our country.


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