Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apron Update

I've been staying busy on the sewing machine, too. I am making two more aprons for my students, one for a gal who missed the last class and one for someone who really wanted a different one. Then, I gave away a pair of gloves but wanted to make them match her apron so had to wait for her to choose one. The winner and her best friend are the ones who gave me the gorgeous bouquet of flowers so I'm go to make two pairs of gloves. I also still need to mail Dorothy's gloves (I've been showing them off) and create special gloves for Karen at the FAS.

I have finished two swap aprons and am almost done with the third. First, here's my favorite, a cowgirl apron made for Val's Hittin' the Trail Cowboy Apron Swap. I just love the pinup girl fabric. I bought some more of this fabric at a little shop in Long Beach WA that is going out of business. If you hurry, I bet you can call and order some of your own. They still had some of the white background, yellow background and pink background (I bought up all the black and some of the pink). I don't find in on their website so you may need to call and ask for it. J and O also carries this.

I think this apron is my husband's favorite ... he's think it turned so very elegant. My partner, Karen, says she likes it, too, and already has it hanging in her kitchen. The theme was Parasols, Pink Lemonade and Polka Dots. I found the facing material first, with all the gorgeous asian parasols .... so I added an Asian sub-theme to my package and created this chic apron. It was fun matching up the pocket perfectly so as not to distract from the from scene.

Lastly, I bought this gorgeous vintage pinup Bewitched fabric from Alice's ebay store but she's sold out -- J and O has some in, though. The print is a bit larger than I had imagined but I love it. I'll have my sweetheart apron mailed off tomorrow and then HAVE to make one for me.

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val said...

The aprons are great....I love the Bewitched fabric. May have to get some for myself! :-)


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