Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catch-Up Post (warning long)

I have a bunch of pictures to share, so feel free to scroll through.
Trevor's birthday was on the 20th and we had a BBQ for his friend's on Tuesday the 22nd - which was also a cooking class night for me so I missed most of the fun. But Tatum and I did take him to lunch on his birthday. Check out his dorky post. Then, we were so busy that we asked him to pick out whatever cake he liked ... hmmph!
Bye Ringo:
My dad's dog is gone now. He was about 17 years old, could barely walk, no teeth, partially blind and loyal like you wouldn't believe. We had to have him put down on Wednesday the 30th. Here's his last picture, even though he didn't want me to take it.

County Fair:
Every year, I take one week off of work to just be with DD so she's not in daycare and we call it Mommy Camp. We had a less-fun-than-normal week since I was working on my class, Trevor's bday BBQ and then with Ringo, but we did manage to get one huge adventure out of Thursday at the Washington County Fair. Thursday was ride bracelet day, so I took Little T and her best friend for five hours of non-stop fun. I managed to keep them sunscreened up but I got a killer burn. The topper of our day was when T got sick on the car on the way home ... she's such a barfer (sorry if that's TMI). We also picked blueberries one day, lunched out at a fun Italian restaurant, and painted out hearts out at our local DIY ceramic shop, The Painted Plate.

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