Monday, June 23, 2008

This and That

Lots of little things going on:

I remade my Flirty Apron Swap apron because my partner really wanted a non-American interpretation of the theme and I kept second-guessing myself that the Fireworks wouldn't cut it. So, just sent this on off. Little T modeled for me and doesn't she look cute? This is a pic before accent buttons on the bodice and pocket. Working now what Round 3 will look like - happy take any suggestions.

I've been working on the women's cooking class at church (registration form here). If you live near Tualatin and are interested, sign-ups are through next weekend. This is class is turning out smaller than expected so feel free to bring a friend or two if you want to learn more about DIY freezer meals!

I forgot to post our praise here - Mike passed his bus driver re-certification! Yeah!! We don't have that worry for another year, plus this means one more year for Mike (and us all) to get healthier and into better shape.

My meal assembly home-party business, Thyme for Fun, has really slowed down. I wish I knew exactly why .. is it the new business model I was trying, the food, the pricing, is the market saturated with storefronts so no one wants to try and gather friends, or just a reflection of the fact I spend less time marketing??? This little business was such a blessing when Mike was laid off but maybe it's time to let go ... however, it's hard to do that, too. It's been such a part of my life for so many years. I really need direction from Above on next steps.

I really want to host a Modbe Party! I found their company via the blogger network and adore their modest clothing and swimsuits. If I have one, would you want an invitation and/or info on how to place a catalog order? I like the fact the shirts are longer and thicker, they have the full range of sizes from my DDs' to my plus sizing, and they are lots more stylish than stuff I find locally!

Well, better head to work. June has just been a bear ... I'm so bummed that my schedule got so overwhelmed that I missed my dear friend's baby shower last weekend.

That's my other priority this summer - getting on track with organization!


Debye said...

I am glad that your husband passed his test, what a load off your minds!!

I LOVE Modbe! I have been trying to host a party as well!

val said...

very CUTE apron!

Juddie said...

Hi Shawnee,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful apron, which arrived today! I feel bad about you making a second one - I honestly would have been just as happy with the first; I was more nervous that the one I made wouldn't fit the bill!

The lovely apron you made me fits perfectly and is just too cute for words. I can't wait till my husband's birthday on the 4th - this little baby is making its debut in the kitchen today!

I'm at home by myself in a rather empty house at the moment as we're painting and renovating, but as soon as I can get a photo I'll post it to the ApronSwap blog.

Thank you once again!
xx Juddie


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