Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sitting on Countertops?

I posted this in response to a discussion about countertops at Blissfully Domestic but would really be interested in everyone's opinion.

Do you allow your children (I'm thinking pre-teens and older) to actually SIT on the countertops?

I felt like such an "old lady" at work recently when I actually had to tell a 20-something co-worker not to sit on the kitchen countertops. When she actually got back up there after I jokingly made a comment about moving her butt, I then said something to the effect that it "really bothers me to have your bottom where I'm going to be preparing food." She did get down and acted offended. However, when I mentioned the situation privately to someone else, they weren't as shocked as I was.

What do you think?


Dorothy said...

Yeah, I rarely sat on counters as a kid, and I don't expect to let my kids do it either.

Of course, I expect my kids to call adults by Mr. Last name or Mrs. Last name too.

Bella said...

No butts on the countertops and no styling hair near my mean other people may not have those rules...yuck!

Lorrie said...

I feel the same way about men who have to prop a foot on a chair to read the paper while standing in the office lunch room. I see that and I think....I have to sit on that chair after his dirty shoe has been on it!

Beth said...

I'm with you. No butts on my countertops.


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