Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A few fun swaps

Won't you join me in these fun swaps (click on image to go to sign up page):

One Atomic Summer Swap
Deadline to sign up is TODAY 6/25/08

It's heatin' up around here and that go me thinkin' about another swap. Remember those swingin' patio parties with the tropical cocktails, the far-out salads, the crazy kabobs, the ice-box desserts? Don't forget the limbo and quick game of twister!

So what do we swap?

A Summer Patio Paty in a Box!

One partner.

We're Swappin': - At least 1 pimped out recipe card with a far- out summer recipe - 1 gift for the Atomic hostess - 1 Handmade item (senders choice). - At least 3 items for a totally groovy party: cocktail glasses, serving trays, martini shaker, bbq tools, tablecloth, napkins, decor, you name it!!

Let's stick with our Atomic/Retro/Vintage theme.

How about a $25 (before shipping) value?

US only. Recent flakers will be bumped.

Post a comment if you have anything else to add to the swap.

Thanks Gals & Happy Swappin'!!

I'm a DORK!! I've changed the sign up deadline to give a few more people a chance to sign up!!

Hittin' the Trail Apron Swap! (hosted by my pal Val)
Deadline to sign up is 6/30/08

This swap is for all us 'yee-haw' cowboy, horse, western lovin folks! Texans are cordially invited. No greenhorns need apply! just kiddin...

A few rules.... -This is a group swap only, the password is on our forum page. -The fabric must reflect a western life theme.... This means cowboy/cowgirl/horses/branding irons, etc. Think 'Marlboro man,' not 'apples in baskets.' If you want to receive an 'apples in baskets' country type fabric, put it in comments or on your profile.
-This is for a handmade apron.
-You will swap one full apron as cowboy cookin gets a might bit messy! your partners profile for size! Or post your size in comments. Size does matter in full aprons. I have decided to include half aprons too. Just please put in what you prefer.
-The apron must have at least one pocket
-Include 2 cowboy type recipes (this means something easily made in a pot out on the open range.) Ideas are : chili, one pot dinners, cobblers, BBQ sauce recipes, Beer in the rear chicken, etc.

Any extra goodies are up to you. Please package nicely.

Head 'em up and move 'em out!

Boomin' Aprons Beat the Heat July Halloween Apron Swap
Deadline to sign up is 6/30/08

Create a fall or Halloween themed apron and send it off to your partner along with a fall/Halloween card!

1 comment:

Leigh Ann said...

Hi Shawnee - This is Leigh Ann, one of the Sweet Goodness Swap hostesses. We have a gal whose partner can't finish out the swap. She is still interested in swapping with someone so I thought I'd ask if you were interested. It is for the Parasol, Pink Lemonade, Polka Dot swap. Email us at



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