Saturday, April 05, 2008

Apron in Progress

I'm so ashamed to admit I'm still working on my Flirty Apron Swap apron. I am very intimidated with the skills of my partner so kept trying to find the "perfect" pattern, and then got sidetracked with all the details of running a swap.

Last Sunday, I was still working up my prototype apron -- you know, the one you make first to be sure the crazy idea in your head will work before cutting into your partner's material?!? I'm modeling my apron off of the adorable Sweetheart Apron that Stacy London wore on her show. I even found the vintage pattern for it online but it's no longer available. So, I sketched out my own. Which is a miracle. I mean, yes, I have been sewing for 25+ years but I only sew simple things ... no bias tape, no pleating, heaven forbid no heirloom stuff ... and I'm a follow-the-pattern kind of gal. Well, I did make my own paper pattern and it is the perfect one-yard apron (because that is all I had of the light pink). I maximized the material with my layout.
The design detail that's killing me right now? The "V" of the hearts .... my trim is just bunching up. AND, I'm still fiddling with the waist ties fitting in near the bib.

I am SO GLAD I'm making a prototype (that matches my pink kitchen). Maybe by the time I take mine apart again and then finish two heart pockets, I'll have it figured out. TODAY is the day, no matter how long it takes. Working around laundry, dishes, meals, etc. of course.


Lucy said...

Shawnee, I own that original vintage pattern and have been meaning to make on for months. If I can remember to today, I will pull it out (provided I didnt' stuff it in that "safe place") and see if I can offer you some help.

Sharon said...

Hi Shawnee, I think I may own that vintage pattern also, but I see that Lucy has already offered her assistance to you. You're idea is wonderful. Don't worry about the skills of your swap partner - I'm certain that she will be thrilled to receive whatever you create for her, especially knowing how you poured your heart and soul into it. BTW, adorable apron idea!


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