Thursday, November 08, 2007

SP11 Package Arrived

Look what was on my doorstop on Monday:

Just the most amazing package from my SP11 spoiler. This package was stuffed with SP goodness, including fun stuff for my DD. She asks, "How'd she know about me, Mom?". I told her crafty friends know everything! The whole box is perfectly me.

I adore Interweave Crochet magazine, and here's the latest edition. Mary Engelbriet is one of my favorite artists and I have a cool bookmark (I LOVE to read too!) along with magnetic photo frames.

Next, check out these cool "Knit Klips" for blocking items -- PERFECT for felted purses. Oh, speaking of purses, a new set of handles are right there, too. And then, just the right amount of chocolately goodness.

BUT I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST .... THE Karaoke yarn I wanted in THE colorway! I can't believe she bought me Karaoke #306! It's so darn expensive and I just couldn't find it anywhere. THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like everything... please tell me if I sent enough Karaoke for the project you wanted to make. I hope I did... I think I remember reading somewhere on your blog that you needed 3 of them. If not, I can fix that with the next package! :)

-- Your SP11 pal

Sharon Rose said...

Yay for awesome SPs!!! :)

Dorothy said...

I just saw the bag you sent for FFBE! It's GORGEOUS! Great job!

Shawnee said...

The bag I originally wanted to make with this yarn has really sucked up the yardage. I started it with the other colorway and, while I did add one more band, it's taken all 7 skeins. So, I'm looking for a different pattern!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawnee!

The last day of SP11 is tomorrow, can you believe it?! I have one last package for you before it's going to be over for you, though, and it will probably get there sometime around mid-December. One more thing and it'll be ready! :)

-- Your SP11 pal


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