Thursday, November 08, 2007

Aprons Everywhere

I am noticing adorable aprons just everywhere these days. Did I mention that I wore my adorable apron Beelicious sent me out trick-or-treating? I was cute! Oh yeah, the little DD was cute too as my exotic good witch. I'm a little bummed because that picture isn't on my camera now but we were quite the pair.

I'm following this fun tutorial that I've posted before and making some Thanksgiving aprons ... two for some swaps (of course), one for me and one for a surprise. Wish me luck finding the time to get it done! LOL!!

1 comment:

vegasangelbrat said...

That is such an adorable apron :) Thanks for the link, I jsut might have to make one but probably not much before the Good luck finding time...its out there somewhere :)


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