Friday, September 07, 2007

No Time for Swapping!

I am almost at the end of new school year madness, I hope. My day job is in HR at an education agency, so I am intensely busy from August 1 through September. Of course, I joined three or four swaps that began mid-August and early September. Now, my reasoning is that they run into October and November, so I really can participate but I'm off to a rotten start. Please, dear partners, if for some reason you figure out that I am your secret partner, know that I am constantly thinking of ways to spoil you as soon as I can take a breath!!


Anonymous said...

Your FFBE partner is thinking of how to spoil you too!

Anonymous said...

Have you gotten your computer fixed yet? That's gotta be maddening, just like the picture you posted! I know I couldn't handle it!

Sending you good computer vibes... and I'm thinking of you!

Your SP11 pal :)


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