Friday, September 07, 2007

What to make for FFBE?

Whatever will I do? My Fall Felted Bag Exchange partner, that I'm making for, has excellent taste --- she likes the same unique and funky bags that I do! The ones I don't know how to make!! And, she is an excellent crafter so I can't just make any ol' thing. Ideas???? I want her to feel "wow" and loved, not "oh no, what's this junky thing?" I know, I really just need to learn to knit ... okay, relearn to knit and actually FINISH something. In the meantime, can anyone direct me to some amazing crochet felted bags? I've made a few ... Pike's Place Bag from CrochetMe, Ribbon Weave Tote from Marlo's Crochet Corner, and then the cute Beads, Welts and Popcorn Bag (B4Bag-lookalike); but I'm a little of tired of making the same bags over and over. Any other hot ideas??

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