Thursday, July 13, 2006

First Class Was Great!!

My class turned out great!

For Jamaica night, I found a crochet pattern for a Rasta Hat at ChezCrochet and I made it Monday night with a variegated bright colored yarn. Then, I felt really self-conscious so didn't wear it! LOL!! I just had on some capri cargo pants, a white flowing pheasant shirt and called it good. I'll add a picture soon.

Nine ladies showed up for class and all but one had crochet familiarity, but all levels. I handed out little kits I made up - aluminum tubes from Target that originally held incense became their tool holders which I filled with a crochet hook, steel yarn needle, folding scissors and - my secret weapon - a simple hair clippie! My mom always used those snappable hair barrettes to hold her loop and I love them. Then, I also hand-wound center pull skeins of yarn (about 1 oz) and made up "starts"
for each of them -- ch 21, then 2 rows of 20 sc -- from some pretty blue Simply Soft. Then we went through all the basic stitches, adding rows to my base start.

I know they're going to be a great group of gals and I just had so much fun!!! Thanks for letting me share!

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