Monday, July 10, 2006

OASIS Crochet Class

My 5-week crochet class at church starts tomorrow night, and the entire program is called "Summer OASIS: The Amazing gRace". Our women's ministries is offering about 10 different crafting/fun classes for members and their friends, plus we'll be "visiting" a different country every week in the main opening session.

Tomorrow is Jamaica night. What should I wear? The only crochet thing I could find is a Rasta Hat, and I could probably make that tonight.

I guess the real question I need to focus on is how am I going to teach 13 ladies to crochet?!? The good thing is several already know how to crochet but can't read a pattern, or only know how to DC because that's all their grandma taught them ... I've asked those who can crochet to please space themselves throughout the group. I originally said I had room for 8 newbies but it ended up being a really popular class. Sooo, if you know anyone who lives around Tualatin/West Linn Oregon, I could use a co-teacher or two. =)

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