Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Other WIPs for June

I really LOVE this Ribbon Weave felted tote. It's one of my few purchased patterns (not counting books), and is from Marlo's Crochet corner. I bought several of her felted patterns to get the discount. The only modification I made was to add the contrast red around the top, and I don't know if it adds or detracts but I like it. It's made with Paton's Merino Wool,the ribbon is from Michael's after a couple of trips, and makes it feel fresh.

This funny thing is a Sunflower Scrubbie, also from Marlo. I bought a leaflet on award winning dishcloths, found a cute one, but then needed a free pattern to share with my upcoming class and voila! The center is just a nylon scrubbie from Kmart, and I used Sugar n Creme cotton from my stash. I think it looks more like a fried egg, but I'm into food designs and still like it!

My husband's grandmother and best friend came in their RV for our DD's HS graduation. We always have such nice long visits, and are really more active with company. Anyway, we went strawberry picking this past weekend and then I saw this Strawberry Jamma' Bag pattern and just had to have it! (OCD again) So, I used some leftover yarn from my Sock Monkey and Fleuri projects. Not done yet but, mmmmmm mmmmm.

I don't have a pattern link to this - it's going to become a nylon string shopping bag. I bought the colored nylon at Home Depot months ago when we were remodeling our old house to use in a pattern copied from a library book. So, I will finish to use at Farmer's Markets and will post pattern link when I find it.

This fun bag is called the Fleuri Bag. It's from Crochet Me and just stikes my fancy. I made another one from black mohair with the hot pink flower which was even more striking as a Bag Exchange. Please note my attempt at extra creativity in the handles. I used plain plastic bangles on the other bag but found these interesting wire shapes at (where else) but the Michael's down the street. I think they work!

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Celia said...

God, those bags are all gorgeous! as well as the cupcake one that's amazing!
Love them all!
Tahnks for sharing your creations!


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