Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Cupcake Time!

I read about crocheted cupcakes again, and suddenly just HAD to have one. (I know, OCD.) Ran to Michael's and found some delicious velour yarn on clearance for $2 a skein, so bought a chocolate brown and buttercream white. I worked up the cake last night and the frosting during my lunch break. But, once I got it home, it really NEEDED something ... so, I added a row of SC in red for a Cherry! I love it! It's a funky purse, or would be a fun gift bag, or who knows.

Rough pattern: I did five rounds of SC on the bottom beginning with 6 dcs in base chain, then a row of DC, followed by 3 rows of alternating FPDC and BPDC to get ridges (which don't show up very well). The last brown row is DC in alternating front-loop-only or back-loop-only since I was running out of brown.

Attached white and did one row of *ch 3, skip sc, SL into front-loop-only of next sc* around to create a ruffled edge. Repeated working on this row with a dc in each skipped and used stitches of same row as the ruffle, Next row was *2DC in stitch, 1 DC in stitch* around for some shaping; then a row of even DC; finally a row of *DC in each stitch 3x, ch 1, skip dc* for an eyelet row. Was running out of yarn so made two SC chains with remainder of yarn for the drawstring. Still needed something, so added a row of sc in back-loop-only using leftover Softee Chunky.


LadyWillow said...

Absolutely delighteful. Almost real enough to eat./;)

It must have been fun to make, will certainly be fun to use.

Lynn J AKA LadyWillow

Shawnee said...

Thanks so much for your 'sweet' words! =) S.

joycrochets said...

Wow It's adorable. My DGD are teens now and wouldn't consider carrying it but give them a few years and they'll love it!
Very original

marbear said...

Looks good enough to eat I love your work.


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