Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow Day!

I love late-start days ... just a little extra time to catch up on stuff at home, like laundry, dishes, Posting to my blog. I wanted to share some pictures of work finished:

The Olympic Scarf that wears me instead of the other way around. It took a while to put together but just isn't me.

My first felted bag. I really like it -- next time, no fun fur around the shoulder strap or top of bag. It was a vintage pattern for thread; I substituted wool, added fancy fur and Bling Bling occasionally and felted.

The much anticipated Cutting Edge Green Shrug (in EXTRA small). It was a fast work up, but the upper back is too small even for my teenage daughters. Maybe e-bay with the proper measurements.

This Fabulously Fashionable Poncho is made with Lion Brand Chenille ... a gift for a friend with a St. Patrick's birthday, I just love it and it worked up quickly.

Solomon's Knot Prayer Shawl: This beauty is my own adaptation of the Lion Brand Pattern, made using some Boucle yarn won in the Michael's Fastest Crocheter contest. For one of my dear nursery workers, it was much appreciated. I have a yellow Homespun on the hook.


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Andrea said...

I'm liking the green shrug, where can I find that pattern?


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