Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympics, Day 13

We're coming into the home stretch and, even though I've not posted much, I've been a busy Olympian. I have almost all of the components for my Floribunda Scarf completed. I've actually done more than needed because alot of my original colors didn't seem right so I went a little crazy and bought a few more skeins. In the picture, there are two options for a scarf base - original on the left and new on the right; lots of flowers even though I only need 9; will use 18 leaf clusters (not shown), the 2 flat flowers and 18 rosebuds, along with 9 bell flower pairs. I'm going to take it all to work for a little expert advice on my flower arranging, then I have to use all those tail ends to sew on the pieces. You know, I like sewing but DISLIKE hand-sewing... oh well, it's for Team Eclectic!

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