Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympics, Day 4

Well, I was able to start about 2 hours after the opening ceremonies during lunch break at work. My first flower - this gorgeous creamsicle color, Patons Divine Orangina.

Didn't get to work on it Day 2 since we were knee-deep in renovations, but managed to get the scarf base done before church on Day 3, along with a few roses and leaf stems. I ended up going with the shaded pink rather than the brown I originally thought, because the brown just turned out too drab.

Today, a few more stems, some bell flowers and another couple of roses ... this is going a bit faster than I thought. I'm not very excited about sewing it together since I don't have a super-creative mind but I'll do my best. Playing with lots of possibilities for other flowers since I have a nice stash of fun yarn but some feel some are a bit "over the top". How's your Olympic event coming??


elaine.triquetra said...

Oh, I LOVE the white rose, it looks so real you should be able to smell it. Can you give up the pattern? I could use one for a hat I am making this weekend (real bad), also could you e-mail me the RSS addy for your blog? At least I think I saw the link-I need to actually put the addy up on my new google homepage. Sure having fun with that.

elaine.triquetra said...

Oops, I guess now I should send you over to, it is super easy to set up RSS for your blog, so we can have updates on our homepages when you update!


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