Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another New Work In Progress (WIP) - Cutting Edge Green Shrug

Just got the Cutting Edge and HAVE to make this gorgeous shrug. Of course, I started immediately and it's TOO small using the N hook recommended. I've begun again using the Q and much better. When I measured the armhole this morning, it would have been only 8.5" with my N hook! My 7yoDD has a 10" upper arm!! I haven't joined yet but am excited to see this come together.

I've also consulted with my NY Consultant, Peach, who gave me the encouragement to go on. Hugs to Peach!! I'm making a quick gift for one of my 17yoDD's best friend's birthday but I anticipate having to make more....

I am an official idiot. My gauge was SO FAR off, and I know why. I'm using Wool-Ease CHUNKY not THICK & QUICK. Chunky is a Cat 5 where T&Q is Cat 6-- This is what happens when you work (purchase) from memory. It's still cute! Pictures when I can.

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