Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm Getting Overwhelmed ....

After not crocheting for 10 or more years except for Christmas-time, I've suddenly picked it up again with a passion. I think it's because my personal life is so hectic that I'm retreating in an area where I can be successful, creative and get some instant gratification ... plus SHOP! LOL!! It's all because of finding Crochet Partners.

On the hook right now:
Felted Handbag (really done, just need to find a washing machine to felt)
Black Popcorn Shrug from Crochet Calendar
Ticker Tape Cardigan (70% off at Michaels)
Little Girls Ladybug Purse for Valentines
Simona's Scarf (Clover stitch)
ALMOST on the hook - Floribunda Scarf for Crochet Olympics

Just finished:
Star Baby Afghan in Baby Teri
Lion Brand Chenille Poncho with Special Ribbon Fringe ((feels like the Suede -forgot to take a picture before gifting)
Simply Skinny Scarf for Valentines (picture is designer's, not mine)
Swirl Cape

Hearts In a Row Scarf for Valentines
CAL Toe-Up Socks - got GORGEOUS yarn at LYS
CAL Snoozy Puppy
CAL Chanson en Crochet Capelet in kid mohair/merino from LYS
Prayer Shawls for two of my nursery helpers at church
Really cool shopping bag made from Home Depot Colored Twine

So much delicious yarn, so little time ....

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