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My Big Fat Greek Diet

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As confessed in my last post, I have a crazy obsession with diet and healthy lifestyle books.  I really AM interested in different views and opinions on what can help me achieve a optimum level of health and fitness.  Yes, I am aware that I could probably achieve said level if I just put the time spent reading into exercise, and showed more self-restraint in my eating.  BUT, what fun is that for a bibliophile like me??

Miss T and I conducted a quick inventory of my books, and then I sorted them into a random order in which to share these gems (and some of them are OLDIES).  So, please indulge me.  And enjoy.  =)  I'd love to hear if you have tried any book I'm sharing and your experience.

My first book, I found at a super discounter but it's totally worth a full price purchase.  I do have to admit that this one isn't a totally random pick -- I stumbled onto "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on TV today so couldn't resist sharing this Greek-style diet today.  I actually really like this book, full of pretty down to earth advice and guidelines.  Former-467-pound-physician, Dr. Nick Yphantides, lost 220 pounds in 2001 by making some radical changes in his life including traveling around the country watching baseball games during his weight loss journey.

He created and shares Seven Pillars of Weight Loss ("pillars" in keeping with the Greek theme -lol).

I.  Change the way you see before you change the way you look
II. Slash your calories by eating for the right reasons
III. Fill your tank with the right amount of the right foods
IV. Burn calories like never before
V. Plan a radical sabbatical
VI. Don't travel alone
VII. Realize that your weight-loss journey is for a lifetime

In addition to expanding on every concept with its own chapter, I really enjoy his Pillar III: Fill Your Tank with the Right Amount of the Right Foods.  He has written his own "Ten Commandments of Healthy Eating:"

1.  Stop eating when your body gives you the yellow caution signal (traffic signal comparisons in reading your body's hunger signals:  green light means hungry so go ahead and eat; yellow light is cautionary reminder that you should stop soon - very soon; red light means to slam on the brakes now)
2. Avoid food wrapped in plastic, sealed in a can, or not served in its original form
3.  Limit your processed carbohydrates and increase your intake of complex carbohydrates
4.  Fill the hunger hole in your stomach with salads and other healthy options before you plow into the carbohydrates and fats
5.  Eat treats like they are treats
6. Don't waste calories (he doesn't drink calories)
7. Eat tasty and satisfying food
8. Kick-start your metabolism every morning (breakfast)
9. Keep your body hydrated with plenty of fluids
10. Eat frequently to avoid raging hunger

See what I mean by logic, advice, and lots of common sense?  No special gimmicks or food combos.  I rather like this one.  =)  Dr Nick can be found at


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