Sunday, January 01, 2012

Cooking Though My Books in 2012

In my search for a fun blogging project for 2012, I kept coming back to wanting to share my love of cooking and reading. I have a HUGE collection of cookbooks (220+) and that doesn't include the books still boxed from our move or any of the 60's-80's cookbooks left by our landlord. I also have purchased most every diet book/cookbook there is - most of which I haven't actually followed ... ;) I first thought about cooking from one cookbook a day in 2012 BUT I really don't plan on cooking every day this year. But most days, I would. And I know that most people have some health goals for the start of the new year.

Diet book review badge

So, for January and February, I will be providing you with a "Diet Books Review". Then, I will transition into "Cooking Through My Books" --- regular posts with a recipe that our family loves (or will finally try) from my lovely cookbooks!

What are blogging about this year??


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Quiltingranny said...

I am having a Bible Study blog hop, hoping it takes off so we can mentor and be mentored. Please, please post some of your wonderful once a month cooking recipes, I really need some ideas! My goal is becoming healthier


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