Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RESET and the Healthy Edge - end of Week 1

So, I made it through my first week on the Healthy Edge program. I did it!!! The first five days, I used the USANA RESET program products, so meal replacement shakes and nutrition bars, along with fruit and veggies every day plus a high-quality supplement.

It was with great fear and dread that I stepped on the scale Saturday morning after diligently following the program for five days. Was it all worth it? Did I lose any weight or maybe did my body freak out since I'm not eating as much as normal, hold on to weight, and make me gain?? Well, my fears were for naught -- I lost 5.5 lbs! I was so proud of myself, even without the loss, for actually following the program to the "t" this week. I took my own shake to grandma Karen's house for lunch on Friday, and then actually took home my entire Outback Grilled Salmon and Veggies dinner since we stopped Friday night and I wasn't about to ruin my success thus far. It IS a strange feeling to only eat a small plate of grilled veggies when everyone else is consuming large plate of foot. Strange, but oddly freeing .....

My new lifestyle/diet now focuses on Low Glycemic eating, emphasis on a very clean diet of organic fruits, veggies and meats; raw nuts; low fat dairy; and (sparingly) whole grains. My coach, Rhonda Kay, is encouraging me to stay off the scale for the rest of the eight-week program so that I can focus on how I feel rather than what some number says I should feel. I will tell you that I feel great -- definitely less bloated and I feel lighter. I still need to make working out a priority in my packed schedule.



Sheri Howard said...

GOOD FOR YOU! The coaching will be helpful...and I know I do better when I walk everyday....I wish I had the mental energy to walk everyday. Keep going!!

Fawn said...

Congrats, Shawnee! You'll be so happy for sticking to it. I remember my journey to lose weight 15 years ago and I've kept the weight off and maintained my same core principals since that time.

Suggestion for working out, if you want. I'm a huge fan of yoga DVDs to do at home. I find when I work out in a gym and do cardio, I'm more hungry. But when I do yoga for 45 minutes each day, it tones my body better than anything else and helps build muscle in places I've never had before. I also find it alot easier to stop and do yoga than to stop and go to the gym.

Just a thought :). Congrats again.


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