Thursday, September 08, 2011

Back to School Time

I cannot believe that my "baby" started the 7th Grade yesterday!  She still lets me take first day photos; I love  it!  Seventh grade is smack dab in the middle of "Middle School", so she's not the baby of the school nor is she the queen.  That's kinda nice, less pressure, just being.  I volunteered to hand out schedules as an excuse to be there without being one of "those" mothers (not that there's anything wrong with "those" mothers .... that's usually me!).  It was fun to see the anticipation in the kids' faces even as they are being so cool.  The volume in the cafeteria was LOUD as they all reconnected.  Several kiddos looked so shy and lost, while another group seemed to take up the room with their presence.  And that's middle school!  Miss T is just happy that most of her friends have the same lunch period, she was able to open her locker, and has a schedule she likes for the most part.

image from RadioButlers

Switching gears -- come join me on Pinterest!  I recently pinned this adorable School Supplies Cake from Here's the direct link to the tutorial. SO STINKIN' CUTE!!  I can't wait to make one.

Gotta head to work -- Have a spectacular Day!!


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