Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello friends

Well, this has been quite the blogging break - I think Facebook may have to take part of the blame.  After working on a computer all day, I only have so much energy in me to post thoughts and experiences, and that sneaky FB has won out!  But, I miss my bloggy friends so I'm starting anew at this Back to School time.  WE don't start back until after Labor Day but I'm just saying.

"This is the day that the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118:24 NLT  

Most every day this summer, I've woke up with that verse/song on my heart.  I think the Lord enjoys my warbling attempt at singing, even in my croaky morning-and-out-of-tune voice.  I enjoy offering my first thoughts in thanks.  I must admit that many times my second thoughts go to the phone on my bedside to see if I have texts or messages that need my attention.  I tell myself that I'm so fixated on those now that we've given up our house phone so those are the only way to communicate with our older children if there was an emergency, but I wonder at myself sometimes.  Do I have the Android version of a "Crack-berry?"  Am I addicted to technology??

When we went on our only out-of-town vacation this summer, it was to a resort in a remote part of the state and I didn't have cell coverage - so my smart-phone wasn't so darn smart.  It was strange to be disconnected, but very relaxing.  I highly recommend it.  I only snapped a few pictures but check these out:

We went to the Kah-Nee-Ta resort on the Warm Springs Reservation.  We have had such a mild, cool summer that it was nice to go somewhere warm.  In addition to the pool, reading lots of books, and just hanging out together, Miss T REALLY wanted to rock hunt.  So we ventured out in the blinding sun and went to a rock ranch complete the picks, buckets and a 15-minute drive into the unknown to search out a rock pit for Geods.  It really was a great memory builder.  We also sprung for T to go on a trail ride while Mike and I spent that time in the a/c casino losing the free $ they gave us as guests - Mike did manage to turn a profit at the blackjack table in the five minutes before we had to pick up T, so that was a fun surprise.  Good thing we live hours away or you could get tempted by the possibilities.

I have lots more fun to share but need to get ready for work.  Tune back to read about:
  • My invitation to attend and blog about Women of Faith
  • Reveal of the cutest Aloha Apron package received from my friend Jen
  • Review of the best hair detangling brush, The Knot Genie
  • Several book reviews
  • Start of community cheerleading photos
  • Centerpiece ideas I'm mulling for women's retreat this year

Oh, and you are invited to my Thirty One Gifts Online Sample Sale --- I'm clearing room for new Fall products, so maybe you'll find something you need HERE, products at least 25% off retail and I will arrange the least expensive shipping we can come up with.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?  I'm making Crockpot Taco Filling (chicken, canned diced tomatoes, chilis, taco seasoning, and I'm adding some canned corn this time to try it out).  Yumm

PS - I know this blog is "advertised" to also be about weight loss but this is just none happening right now - I've lost that mojo and gained some pounds in the meantime.  =(  I need to start that again, too.

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