Sunday, October 17, 2010

Move It & Lose It - Week 1

First - congratulations to the Sista of the Week, Angela (@NineMoreMonths)!!

TODAY, I'm beginning my second Earth Footwear Move It & Lost It Challenge. Good thing, since I GAINED TWO POUNDS since last week. Up, down, up, down ... ugghh.

As one of the applicants that applied to Mamavation campaign #6, I am eligible to compete to be the mom who loses the highest percentage of body weight during the 7 week campaign and will win $500 and a pair of Earth Footwear. And the second place winner will also win a pair of Earth Footwear, but no cash.

Join us on Twitter October 18 for the Mamavation Launch Party from 8-10pm EDT. They will announce the two Mamavation Mom winners and give away some crazy swag! It's the big Twitter party launching the 6th campaign from 5pm to 7pm PDT (Mountain Daylight Savings Time: 6pm to 8pm, Central Daylight Savings Time: 7pm to 9pm, OR Eastern Daylight Savings Time: 8pm to 10pm). And on October 18th during the party, the next two Mamavation Moms will be announced and they will enter into @bookieboo‘s virtual healthy living boot camp for seven weeks. We will also have giveaway winners organized by @Resourcefulmom. Use hashtag #mamavation for the party. (You have to be present to win!)

Earth Footwear is an official sponsor of the Mamavation campaign, along with SUBWAY, The EA SPORTS Active & Chefs Requested. Earth Footwear is perfect for moms who want to save time. According to a study, people that wear Earth Footwear burn 4x more fat than those who don't wear Earth Footwear. The secret is in the technology. Earth Footwear uses Kalso ® Negative Heel Technology®, a unique inclined sole that positions the toes 3.7ยบ higher than the heels. The slight angle shifts weight subtly back over the heels, and can help strengthen and tone the body while also burning calories. So if you can't get to the gym, put on a pair of Earth Footwear and go about your normal routine. The shoes will do the work for you. OR if you want better results with your workout, put on a pair of Earth Footwear to really kick the fat burning into high gear! I REALLY WANT TO WIN A PAIR OF THESE SHOES!!!!

So, here are my official beginning photos:

Stats as of 10/17/2010

Beginning Weight of Campaign: 213.00 (down 3 lbs since applying for Mamavation Mom, +2 lbs since last week)
Bust: 45"
Natural Waist: 46.0"
Waist: 46.0"
Hips: 51.0"
Thighs (right): 24"
(left): 24"
Arms (right): 13.76"
(left): 13.75"

Good luck to the six finalists!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the challenge! Looks like you're starting out with plenty of spunk. Can you bottle some of it and send it to me?

gretablau said...

You have a body shape like I do! I gain it all in the middle too. The great thing about that is that when the inches come off in your waist, it's pretty dramatic. I lost 20 pounds and TEN INCHES in my waist!! Pretty much all of the weight was on my stomach.

I will be cheering you on bigtime for the MILI challenge!! best of luck and good to see you here!

Rachel said...

LOVE YOU and SO cheering for and rooting for you!! I am still your fit friend - always! <3

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Good luck with the MiLi challenge!! Stay focused and you'll get it done!!

kia said...

Good luck on the challenge. I had a little "buffer" weight starting this thing out too. :)

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Whoot rock it no matter what! We are here for you.

lorrie said...

good luck with the challenge and good luck with your goals this week

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Good luck on the challenge! I'm excited to get to know you better as well. :)

Hope you have a great week!


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