Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Special Price on The Gruve ends 8/8/10

I have been thirsting after a body monitor for ages ever since seeing the Body Bugg in action on The Biggest Loser. The monitor tracks your calories burned and you entered online calories eaten, personal stats, etc. Seems like a great gadget in a weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. Once I joined Mamavation, I heard about another monitor called The Gruve. In reading various reviews, both score high and, with the new merger of two companies, The Gruve is deemed a slightly better product at a better price.

Gruve is completely personalized to you. The Gruve uses an omnidirectional accelerometer to measure activity intensity and duration. You can monitor yourself real-time with Gruve's Halo light bar, starting your day in red and progress through orange, yellow, blue and finally green when you meet your calorie burn goal for that day. Gruve will also remind you to move if you have been sitting or sedentary for too long. View your calorie burn using our online tools and learn how to become more active

Well, I just found a great price ... through Sunday, August 8, you can purchase The Gruve and a one-year online subscription for only $99! I liked it so much, I'm an affiliate! Leave a comment if you decide to try one - I ordered MINE today!!

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