Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pinup Aprons Sent and Received

Check out this HOT Pinup Apron that Rhonda crafted just for me!!  She searched high and low for pinup fabric, and then finally was able to pick this one up on her swap hop. Do you know I own this fabric and STILL don't have an apron out of it ... until NOW!  THANK YOU RHONDA!  This pattern is great.  Very sexy, too ... look at all the "skin" showing on my mannequin, Rosie.  Too bad for hubby I'm not that daring!  LOL!!

I also am now the proud owner of a brand-new Gift Jars Cookies recipe book and I can't wait to try it out.

I mailed to Sherry, and she likes western pinups. Lucky me!!
Here's my Hot Mama Pinup Apron.  I used the Church Ladies' Apron Pattern by Mary Mulari.  One side is outdoor pinup girls and polka dots; the other is a fav of my partner, western pinups!  I found some cute contrasting fabrics and made double pockets out of them.  


June 10 019
Tucked in this glass cowboy boot filled with sugared peanuts
June 10 018
My second Cowboy Boot Clutch .. about killed myself getting the magnetic clasp installed.  But, worth it!

Thanks for hosting another great swap, Val!

-Val's swap was US only, so Rita from Canada and I are also having our own pinup swap.  Pictures soon!!


Cindy said...

OOhhing and awing!!
I wished I could of known about the real apron swap..I do love aprons!!
And a westren theme..right up this old cowgirls alley!!
I have seen those boot purses..and I gave notice to my son and his friends..NO ONE is allowed to throw away their boots..Mama wants them!! lol
Thank You for posting that pathetic attempt of a button..I was throwing the swap together at 1:00 am one it sleep deprivation crafting!!
Looking forward to the swap.I already have my fabric (paper) picked out.
My husband and I were just out in the House on wheels..and I was measuring in the tall...narrow closet that holds the stackable washer and dryer..he said Now what..I said..seeing where my aprons are going! He said..won't they get in the way? I say..nooo
Then it hit me..he thought I meant real I explained..he shook his head..and said he understood now.

bye for now..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love the fabric!!!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hi there! the aprons are so pretty, i love ME too:) glad we are swap partners!!

Sherry said...

I love the apron and the rest of the package so much! Thanks again Shawnee!



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