Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apron Swap Love From New Zealand

Last month, I stumbled upon a new apron swap - Sarah of Red Gingham decided to host her very first apron swap. I couldn't resist and I requested a swapper from her home country of New Zealand. She promised me a Kiwi partner (isn't that cute?!?).

My sweet partner was Stella; she is a young mommy and new sewer. I'm very excited and proud to show you what may be the sweetest apron I own, straight from NZ!!

June 10 001
Check out this sweet map gift bag

June 10 002
Everything is individually wrapped -- these are NZ local event bookmarks.

June 10 003
Look at this beautiful stationary - she wrote me a sweet note.  That's a strip of the fabric she used.

June 10 004
LOOK!  Hand-stitched applique, pocket and EMBROIDERY.  It says, "Arohanui from (map of NZ)" Arohanui meaning "lots of love".
June 10 005
Then she included some more local touches - NZ lottery ticket (I won $4!), three bars of chocolate-covered "fish" (marshmallow), and a pull-tab can of ketchup - Rip n' Dip! I LOVE IT.

This is so sweet, I am really thinking about framing it.  THANK YOU STELLA!!!

Here's the little apron I pulled together ... Stella likes teapots and yellowl; I found different fabric than I was looking for but this is what I ended up with:

I wrapped tied the package with some cute measuring tape ribbon and tucked in a vintage Oregon postcard.

Lots of fun!!


Cindy said...

Oh what precious keepsakes from a new friend!!

If I hadn't been adopted..I would of grown in up in the Portland area. I just found my 1/2 sister and brothers 3 years ago..and went out there for 2 different visits. Those falls were awesome to visit! I love everything about Ortegon!! My mom and 1/2 brother live in Redmond. Enough about

I thru together a tag/banner apron swap
made with paper of
there are two categories..ME. or vintage..please feel free to join in if you do the paper aprons.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Stella said...

Shawnee you are the kindest person! The apron I sent you was nowhere near as lovely as you made out, and I adored the one you sent me! That measuring tape ribbon is fab too, I'm still deciding what lovely thing I will use it for! x

Dogmom Diva said...

Shawnee, what a fun swap for you and for Stella..I would love to join in next time..will check it out..



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