Sunday, April 25, 2010

Apron Sightings

I spent a little time crusing around the 'net and want to share a few sweet links and photos from gals who made their first apron or apron tutorial.

Creative Thursday made her first apron last October. So bright and cheery, it's reversible and lots of pockets. Plus, her blog is a joy to read. Right now, she and her husband/companion? are living in Paris!! You must check out their photos!

Disney of Ruffles and Stuff not only made her first apron, she created a delightful tutorial. These cuties are from t-shirts!! I LOVE this idea and cannot wait to try it out.

Becca from Brighthaven Days has created her first THREE aprons in the style of her love a regency romances.
Here's her first Regency Apron:
WendyMoon of Wendy Moon Designs posted her first apron tutorial. She also designed the fabrics!!

And, lastly, I found an apron contest for all you apron lovers!!

Barbara Curtis of is once again hosting an Apron Power Contest. You need to send her a photo of you in an apron by May 5. She will publish photos as she receives them - along with any story or comments you wish to share. Please feel free to be yourself - from side-splittingly funny to ultra-sincere. Your apron image and philosophy should be as individual as you are. What has become apparent is that aprons are not only practical, but a symbol of our calling and something which the family responds to with respect - and even awe. She thinks that's why it's been easy for her to develop the habit of wearing her own. Click for the details, and be sure to let me know if you enter. I'm thinking about it ... I'd love to win SIX books!! =)

I say it's time to bring back the apron - and I don't mean the unisex cloth chef's apron, but the frilly feminine - even to the point of useless - kind.

Send me a picture of you in your apron and I promise not only to run it, but to send the best ones a copy of my new book The Mommy Survival Guide. Remember, practical is okay (mine is practical because it covers a lot and is made of oilcloth), but the criteria for this contest includes femininity.

Other criteria:
You must be wearing the apron
Context and creativity


Yarni Gras! said...

hate that I missed that apron swap!

wendymoondesigns said...

Thanks for including my apron tutorial! :-)


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