Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer's gone bye-bye

I cannot believe how fast summer zipped on out of here. Last weekend was rainy and windy here in Oregon, but it's looking to be a bit nicer this weekend. I've got a full weekend planned, too. T has a play date, I'm going to learn how to enter PTA memberships in their database, I'm sewing up my special apron for the next Sassy & Flirty Apron Swap. But, the big news is that we start Puppy Kindergarten!

We're registered with Auntie Sally, who came highly recommended, for a beginning puppy class. And, not a moment too soon --- Apollo already weighs almost 45 pounds and he just turned three months old. So, for the next six Saturdays, T and I will be in a class with several other puppies and their owners learning a variety of puppy issues such as mouthing, house training, dog/dog and dog/people socialization. I'll keep ya posted on how it goes.

I'm so bummed that I haven't been able to locate my camera cord since we moved. So frustrating! I have loads of good pictures to share ... puppy, new house, T's first day at school, my swaps received, and the adorable apron I made last weekend. That apron was for my Lucy swap (very late) and it totally a Diva apron made in leopard with red accents. Very flirty!!

Well, mornings come early and I'm already tired. We had an Ice Cream Social at out the new elementary school tonight and I stood behind the PTA table for memberships. Not one bite but I wasn't really "selling" it either. I'll get a second chance next Thursday at Back to School night. My shyness really comes out at times like this, though. Of course, I sign up thinking it will help me make friends but then I get all self-conscious.

Oh, almost forgot to share that I'm back to tracking my weight loss in That website helped me lose almost 20 pounds since March 30, and I have quite a bit more I want to lose. I'm average 30 minutes of exercise again, and trying to curb my eating. I eat such a typically-bad American diet --- too low in fiber and protein, too high in fats and carbohydrates. But, that will change! Mikey's lost almost 50 pounds since he started dieting in late April (and, yes, I'm just a big jealous); I am very proud of him. It's HARD work.

I'll leave you with this image ... it's a hint for the theme of the next Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap. I hope you'll join us!!


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Jenna Z said...

Yikes, What breed is Apollo!?

Woohoo for Sparkpeople!!


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