Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you ever walked your cat?

The puppy was SO rambunctious last night because we had the Ice Cream Social at school and came home too late for a walk. So, I decided I better walk Apollo first thing this morning. We just got back from enjoying the sunrise, which you can see really well from a few of our neighbors houses. Why didn't I think to snap a picture of that too? Oh well.

So, we're walking just a few hundred yards when I hear something behind me. Yep, our darn cat is stalking us and WILL NOT go home. Well, I have to work today and I'm not going to re-trace my steps to take him home and then start out on the walk again. I figure he'll get bored and head back on his own. Oh no. He stalks us the whole way around the blocks, and the dog keeps darting after him while trying to rip out my shoulder at the same time. Finally, toward the end of the walk, I was able to capture them both in the same shot on the cell phone. Look, Oliver the Tabby has just plopped himself down in a neighbor's driveway and looks like he's ready to set up house. The dog's posture says it all .... "Let me at 'em!" (Sorry it's so dark ... cell phones aren't the best cameras.)

If this keeps up, I'm gonna need a kitty leash!

I was also able to capture a few really bad pictures from Tatum's first day at her new school and in the fifth grade. NEED MY CAMERA CORD for the other shots.


NadineC said...

Well, it's a bit fuzzy, but still a cute pic. Looks like Apollo is fitting right in with the family :-) Hey, I'll be "passing by" in a little over a week - taking a road trip (all by myself!) from WA to CA to hook up with Marcel (Aunt Pitty Pat) while she's visiting her Grandma Peachy near San Francisco! I'll wave on the way by and back :-) Going to try to hop from fabric/quilt shop to shop on the way down, LOL!

Rannyjean said...

My neighbors cat does this and one day when she was walking her 2 large dogs, another dog came after her and it was the cat the went after it and scared it away. She reports since then, the dog stays in its yard and doesn't approach!
They are such cool little animals!

Yarni Gras! said...

actually, yes, years ago I had a kitty that used to go on walks with us. He would even go with me when I jogged...funny,huh!


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