Friday, May 08, 2009

Loving Spark People!!

Up until my start with SparkPeople, I was a typical couch potato. Work all day, sit around and snack in the evenings with lots of sedentary hobbies.

Since starting SP, I have begun Walk Away the Pound DVDs a minimum of 90 minutes per week, almost eliminated my poor eating habits and replaced them with daily breakfast, more fruits & vegetables, whole grains and low fats.

Even the weeks I've had low weight loss, I've lost inches. I am so excited to have goals and actually be working toward them. Success is sweeter than any candy bar! THANK YOU SP!!


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Jenna Z said...

It is so great to hear how inspired you are and how great you're doing! Working toward a goal IS so much better than a candy bar because it is is a sustained joy rather than a hit of chocolate followed by guilt and a distended gut! Keep up the great work!


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