Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fitness Challenge - Day 41 of 56

Well, today was an exercise in making the best choices possible while eating out. Mike's been released back to work so his driving schedule doesn't give him weekends off and only 24 hours notice of a "tomorrow" schedule. So, we have to schedule celebrations on the fly and usually at non-traditional times since mealtimes tend to be heavy commuting times, too.

We took Mikey's momma Karen out to breakfast/brunch today for Mother's Day, and met halfway in Vancouver so Mike could still get to work by 1pm today. The restaurant Karen chose didn't open until 11am so we ended up at Shari's Restaurant just down the street. Shari's is a traditional American restaurant ... with LOTS of mega-calorie choices.

In my best choices scenario, I ordered a Cinnama-sation French Toast Breakfast with the toppings on the side (caramel sauce, candied pecans and whipped cream) --- I didn't eat them except for to dip my fork tines into the caramel sauce a couple of times for the sugar hit), the 2 eggs scrambled, the 2 sl. bacon and an order of grapes instead of 2 links of sausage.

My calorie count from SparkPeople as close as I could get:

Shari's French Toast (3 pc), 1 serving 466 (I had 2 pc of Cinnama ... hope it's close)
Scrambled Egg, 2 large 203
Bacon (1 slice), 2 serving 40
Grapes, 1 cup, seedless 60
Breakfast TOTALS: 769 cal

If I had eaten the breakfast as presented on the menu, it would have been almost double or 1496 calories .... WOW.

Even more depressing, a breakfast I've eaten before - Flat Iron Steak with Stuffed Hashbrown Platter with Sourdough Toast -- has 1721 calories. That's MORE than my daily allocation of calories these days!!

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Amy said...

I've eaten at shari's many times..thanks for the info, now I can't claim ignorance!

My inlaws live very close to the Shari's in Vancouver, they are in Camas. We go every summer, my first stop is always BurgerVille, then over to the Craft Warehouse.

Glad you had a wonderful Mothers day, who cares about the calories!


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