Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother-Daughter Apron Swap - Who's In

Sorry for the delay, ladies. I'm waiting to hear from one more person. In the meantime, please let me know if I've left anyone off my list. Here's who I have:

Cara M + 3 boys
Lucy B + 3 girls
Gretchen M + 3 girls
Tara R + 1 boy
Desiree S + 2 girls
Casey RT + 1 boy/1 girl
Irene S + 2 girls
Abby B + 2 boys
Bridget C + 1 girl
Cyndi B + 1 girl
Melinda C + 1 girl
Jodi W + 1 girl
April M + 1 girl
Megan P + 1 girl
Shawnee H + 1 girl


Marci said...

Love your blog! Cute apron idea--I would join in, but I don't sew, sadly. I have a sewing-blogger friend, though, and will share the info with her!

Marci said...

Oh, wait. The deadline has passed, so won't pass it on to my friend, but love your idea!! Really neat~

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shawnee! Can't wait to start!


Megan said...

Just sent you an email.... :)

The Kat's Tail said...

Would have loved to join but it is just me and Dilly the Chihuahua. Maybe you can have a mother/puppy apron swap next - LOL.

glenna said...

I hate that I found out about this too late. Next time


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